Beginning March 21, 2017, Metro North ABE will officially use a new telephone number: 763-433-4200. This new phone number will replace the current phone number (763-783-4870)..... . Our new fax number is 763-433-4203.

We remain sincerely committed to providing our learners, volunteers and community partners with reliable communication and services.


Metro North ABE





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    Metro North ABE is a free program to help adults age 17 years or older (who are not enrolled in a secondary school) develop basic skills; such as reading, writing, math, and English.  Several sites are located in northern Minneapolis and St. Paul metro area.

    Are you interested in

    • Finishing your high school diploma?
    • Getting your GED?
    • Improving your English Skills?
    • Passing a college entrance exam?
    • Improving your basic reading, writing, and/or math skills?

     Metro North ABE provides classes year-round during the day and evening.  Teachers are trained to work with adults and all materials are designed to help the adult learner.  Students will have opportunities to work in groups and independently.  Learning will be done in the classroom, on the computer and on-line.  Teachers will help students set and meet their goals.  Most sites offer basic computer training during class time.  All classes are free.

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    Metro North ABE

    Sponsored by  Community Education

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    JumpStart Classes offer intensive GED preparation to help you successfully and quickly pass all four GED tests and get your high school credential.

    Become a Metro North ABE student
    and start working on your goals today!
    helping others in the community
    achieve their goals to graduate, learn English or brush up on skills!